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GE250 Guide

🇬🇧 Download and Installation Guide

Preset download

1. Press the PayPal button to buy the preset
2. Insert the required information for payment
3. At the end of Paypal procedure press the button Return to Merchant. The download will start immediately.
4. At the end of download, close the page.

Download doesn’t work with mobile browser (for ex. iOS, Android)!
Use only PC or Mac.

If automatic download doesn’t start send a mail to
I will send the patch via mail as soon as possible.
For questions and requests write to

Install preset on GE250

Import with Mooer Studio:
Connect GE250 to your PC/Mac e start Mooer Studio for GE250. Right click on the Computer column in Preset table. Click Add and select preset (file .mo) that you want. When loading is finish drag and drop the preset on a slot of Device column and press Save to save the preset (this will overwrite the existing preset).

Import an Impulse Response:
Some presets needed an IR to work properly; you can import it with Mooer Studio for GE250.
When you have loaded a preset, select CAB block e press + symbol in one of ten free slot at the end of the list, select IR (file .wav) you want. Save.

Video Tutorials

Download a Preset
Install a Preset

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