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Video Clips

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March 21th - ©Roby Rocks

Sad Blues - ©Roby Rocks

Another Brick in the Wall - ©Pink Floyd

David Gilmour Inspiration - ©Pink Floyd

My Home - ©Roby Rocks

No man's Land - ©Roby Rocks

Classic Rock Inspiration - ©Roby Rocks

Brian May Solos - ©Queen

Tears from the Moon - ©Roby Rocks

More Than a Feeling - ©Boston

Cloverleaf - ©Roby Rocks

Shallow - ©Lady Gaga

Mother - ©Pink Floyd

No Vacation - ©Roby Rocks

Nothing Else Matters - ©Metallica

Bed of Roses - ©Bon Jovi

Wind of Change - ©Scorpions

Play along in A minor - ©Roby Rocks

Antsy Toms - ©Roby Rocks

Smoke on the Water - ©Deep Purple

Jimmy Page Inspiration - ©Roby Rocks

Claws n' Jaws - ©Roby Rocks

David Gilmour Inspiration - ©Roby Rocks

Easy Lazy - ©Roby Rocks

Comfortably Numb (Solo) - ©Pink Floyd

Another Brick in the Wall - ©Pink Floyd

Rainy Days - ©Roby Rocks

Sengio Alto - ©Roby Rocks

Per Ilenya - ©Roby Rocks

Mama, I'm coming home - ©Ozzy Osburne

Stairway to Heaven - ©Led Zeppelin

Bohemian Rhapsody - ©Queen

Time - ©Pink Floyd

You shook me all night long - ©AC/DC

Is there anybody out there? - ©Pink Floyd

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